Šuma project.

Property description:
Location: Vilsonovo Šetalište, Sarajevo

Total building area: existing condition including gross area of the building is 3.781,27 m², and the net area of the building is 3.559,65 m².
Total building gross area according to new design is P= 19.461,83 m².

Number of floors: 2 underground levels with garage, ground floor, 7 floors.
Interior design: Rough and refined construction works are included in the price.

Total building area 3.781,27 m²

Net area of the building 3.559,65 m²

Total building gross area 19.461,83 m²

Šuma project

Stup – land with finished residential and office building plan

Stup – land with finished residential and office building plan
Location of the residential and office building is on Stup, the Municipality of Ilidža near the main city transversal on the South, and Dobrinja River on the North side of the plot.
The object consists of lamella A and B. Both lamellas consists of 2 underground and 11 floors (ground floor plus 10 floors).
Underground floors are designed as a garage with a capacity of 284.
Lamella A: 12 apartments on one floor, with the total capacity of the 120 apartments.
Lamella B: from first to the sixth floor, there are 19 apartments, while from the sixth to tenth floor there are 14 apartments. The total capacity of the lamella B is 70 apartments.
Additional building: 2GP + 6 floors number, and the possible number of floors can be increased to 2GP + 10 floors.
The residential building has 290 apartments, 15 business offices and petrol station.
Total land area of the project is 7.112,00 m².
Gross construction of the building is 32.941,32 m²
Net building area is 27.000,00 m² (for sale)

Total building area 7.112,00 m²

Net area of the building 27.000,00 m²

Total building gross area 32.941,32 m²

Stup - Ilidža

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